Meeting Patients Needs

Diabetes is one of the most prominent epidemics presenting challenges the to future of health care here in the United States. People of all ages and cultural backgrounds suffer from diabetes, and poor management can result in further detriment to one’s health.

Avery professionals are trained in comprehensive services that treat all levels of diabetic severity. Our clinicians tailor programs that efficiently deliver care through appropriate lifestyles changes, continuing to maximize independence in the home.

Are Avery Diabetes Management Services Right For You?

Avery’s diabetic home health services are not intended for typical, healthy diabetic patients that can manage themselves independently. Services are designed for patients that:

  • Suffer chronic or long-term complications from diabetes such as diabetic retinopathy or kidney disease
  • Remain homebound because of diabetes
  • Recently were diagnosed with diabetes and, for various reasons, require more extensive care than most other diabetics

Meeting Patient Needs

Avery Home Health professionals are qualified to provide a variety of education and care services to help patients manage their diabetes such as:

  • Treatment for diabetic complications such as wounds and kidney problems
  • Methods for controlling diabetic side effects
  • Proper education concerning diet and nutrition
  • Medication and insulin management
  • Instruction in the newest techniques/equipment to measure blood sugar levels
  • Training in symptom identification for disease progression or complications

Diabetes is a manageable disease, and doesn’t have to limit a person’s daily life. Our clinicians work side by side with patients and their physicians to deliver excellent diabetic care and treatment in the home, maximizing freedom and security.