Certified Home Health Aides

Some patients don’t require the level of care registered nurses offer. For these patients, our personal care service provides needed assistance for a short period. Certified Home Health Aides are trained to make sure that patients are able to recover in a suitable environment until longer term, comprehensive care is arranged.

Meeting Patient Needs

Avery Home Health Aides concentrate primarily on:

  • Providing appropriate and necessary personal care.
  • Maintenance of an environment that is accessible, safe and clean. Such work includes ensuring that patients can get out of bed, have a clear path to the restroom, clean towels and linen, etc.
  • Making sure patients follow an appropriate diet and take medications as instructed.
  • Facilitating showers, bed, baths, skin care, and therapeutic massages.
  • Reasonable housekeeping as necessary to ensure the patient’s safety in the home.
  • Updating all Avery caregivers regarding patient progress and new developments.

In the event the patient does not have someone who can act as a primary caregiver, Avery Certified Home Health Aides provide appropriate care and also educate patients in self-care methods, coordinating continuing care when necessary. Avery maintains contacts with many social service agencies, community organizations, and other resources in order to arrange necessary support services.